It's official: QuickHub is here.

The new service, available on the Bank of Cyprus digital channels (Internet Banking, BoC Mobile App) connects basic bank transactions to the digital world, for a smooth digital experience.

Direct access to products and services

The new, user-friendly service amounts to a modern-day digital store that's literally at your fingertips. With QuickHub, customers get direct access to products and services - like opening an account, receiving a new card, applying for a personal loan, car leases, cheque deposits, and even car or home insurance.

"A unique multi-tool in the hands of our customers"

According to Bank of Cyprus CEO Panicos Nicolaou, the Bank is plotting a course for yet more digital change as it invests in technology and innovation. The Bank essentially becomes the agent for a smooth transition to the digital age. On QuickHub, Mr Nicolaou commented that it underlines the Bank's status as a tech organisation offering banking services.

And Demetris Nicolaou, Chief Digital Officer at Bank of Cyprus, noted that constant advancement as well as the rollout of new novel products are part of the Bank's DNA. QuickHub is a multi-tool in the hands of customers, who can now tap into an array of innovative products and services. QuickHub's ease of use and practicality can save people time and resources, while at the same time further facilitating day-to-day bank transactions.

Bank of Cyprus officially stepped into the QuickHub era on Thursday, 4 May, during the course of a special presentation attended by personalities from business and the tech space.