ReThinking CRAFTSMANSHIP Exhibition

The Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, as the main coordinator of the “Horizon 2020 research programme ‘Redefining the Future of Culture Heritage”, through a disruptive model of sustainability’ (ReInHerit) in collaboration with the Museum of Cycladic Art and the Graz Museum, is taking part in the organisation of the following three temporary digital exhibitions revolving around the subject of ‘Social Issues’.

* ReThinking CRAFTSMANSHIP (BOCCF)- March-May 2023

* ReThinking CONFLICTS (Graz Museum)- June – September 2023

* ReThinkingIDENTITIES (Museum of Cycladic Art)- October-December 2023

The themes and reflections of these exhibitions are the different skills and competences we cultivate in order to address social issues, as well as the way in which museum collections can serve as a starting point for the display, interpretation and framing of social issues through a pan-European perspective.

The first exhibition ‘ReThinking CRAFSTMASHIP’ will open to the public on 9 March 2023 at the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation.

Its aim is to highlight different types of intangible cultural heritage, such as traditions, knowledge and techniques that have been passed down to us from our ancestors in the field of craftsmanship and in relation to natural materials, the processes they undergo, and how they relate to sustainability and climate change.

As part of intangible cultural heritage, craft practices represent not only the traditions of the past, but also modern production methods that focus on sustainable use of natural materials and local production.

Using both digital and analogue media, the exhibition makes use of museum objects from all three museums to explore different aspects of the subject in question and to provide an opportunity to rethink the way we perceive our intangible cultural heritage, our relationship with the environment and our identity.

At the same time, the three museums will host lectures, workshops and other activities covering the range of the three exhibitions. 


Alongside with the exhibition ReThinking CRAFTSMASHIP, the IDENTITY OBJECTS’ exhibition, by the artist Christos Symeonides, through an audio-visual installation will redefine and examine the concept of identity through characteristic examples of intangible cultural heritage.

Through digitization, customs, oral traditions, dances, music, songs, skills or techniques that constitute evidence of traditional, popular and scholarly culture are transformed into oversized faces in an identity frame.

The exhibition invites the viewer to explore their own identity. Through these digital ‘masks’ we discover new dynamics in the relationship between "inside" and "outside", past and present, local and global. Faces become the means of projecting an "intangible cultural heritage" and by conversing with it, they highlight the direct relationship with the creator. How does the human being constantly change, recreate, and reshape itself?

Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation

Opening hours: 10:00-19:00 (weekdays and weekends)