StatWatch: a new portal from StockWatch and Bank of Cyprus

In partnership with Bank of Cyprus, StockWatch opens up a new window to the world of information with a statistical data portal called StatWatch .

Twenty years after StockWatch Ltd launched the eponymous website, the company is again leading the way by creating a user-friendly webpage featuring economic data on Cyprus.

The StatWatch platform is freely accessible by the general public, businesses, professionals, students and academics, offering comparative data and interactive tools on all aspects of economic activity in Cyprus.

The data are gathered from reliable sources, such as Cystat, Eurostat, the Central Bank of Cyprus, JCC, the Department of Lands and Surveys, the Registrar of Companies and the University of Cyprus Economics Research Centre.

Initially StatWatch will be offering economic data related to the macroeconomic and monetary environment in Cyprus covering the last few years and, in some cases, the past few decades.