The Cultural Foundation oversees six Cyprological collections. Its strategic curatorship of these collections is designed to enrich, safeguard and maintain the collections, as well as make them available for study and research, and present them to the public.

  • The Numismatic Collection of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation has evolved into a notable collection of Cypriot coins, spanning every historical period of Cypriot coinage, from the 6th century B.C. to the coins of the Republic of Cyprus.

  • The Collection counts more than 400 maps and includes the majority of the known printed maps of Cyprus dated between the 16th-20th centuries. It is an important series that provides a detailed picture of the development of Cypriot cartography, the course of which is intertwined with the island’s turbulent history.

  • The Collection includes handwritten letters by Frankish and Venetian merchants (1407-1512), whereas the printed editions, mostly incunabula, include rare travel, historical and geographical editions dated between the 16th and 20th centuries.

  • Cyprus’ engravings included in the Collection depict landscapes and highlights from the island’s fauna and flora, as well as monuments, town views, scenes from everyday life and important historical figures. Also included is a series of watercolours entitled “Wildflowers of Cyprus” by Elektra Megaw, as well as old photographs and postcards of Cyprus.

  • The Collection of Contemporary Cypriot Art includes paintings, engravings, video-art, sculptures and mixed-material constructions by acclaimed Cypriot artists. The ultimate purpose of the Cultural Foundation is to gradually put together a representative collection to serve as a retrospective of 20th century visual arts in Cyprus.

  • The Ethnographic Collection comprises unique specimens of Cypriot folk art, including carved-wooden furniture, ceramics, embroideries and textiles, traditional costumes, paintings and jewellery. A large part of the Collection is housed at the Cultural Foundation in Phaneromeni, another part at the Pierides Museum, whilst selected exhibits are displayed on loan at the regional Ethnographic Museum in Avgorou.

Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation