Awarding students in STEAM

We reward the performance of young people by fostering inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking.

We support students by rewarding their performance in various fields related to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM). Through our collaboration with the Cyprus Mathematical Society and the Cyprus Physicists Society, we award students in various tournaments and competitions. We also support the Cyprus Computer Society in Robotex, Pancyprian robotics competition.

We firmly believe in the imperative of affording equal opportunities to young girls, fostering their learning, growth, and success in these fields. Our commitment extends to dismantling traditional barriers that have historically hindered girls from pursuing STEAM careers. With this in mind, we continue our partnership with the Be An Ally Foundation for the programme Girls in STEAM Academy.

Partnership with the Cyprus Mathematical Society

We are stable partners with the Cyprus Mathematical Society since its foundation, for more than 40 years. The collaboration includes:

  • Award to the first three students who stand out in the Pancyprian Mathematics Competition of High School (3rd Grade).
  • Support to the Cyprus National Team participation in the European Girls Mathematical Olympiad – EGMO.
  • Awarding the winners in the "Mathematical Relay for High Schools" competition.
  • Cooperation in the organization of the "Life - Idea - Innovation" Competition.
  • Awarding students who achieve the maximum possible score at their level in the Cyprus Mathematical Olympiad.

Partnership with Cyprus Physicists Society

In collaboration with the Cyprus Physicist Society, we organize student competitions:

  • Film competition: "Physics Presents"
  • Photography competition: "Physics at a Glance"
  • Article - Writing competition

The Cyprus Physicists Society also organizes four Olympiads: Elementary Science, High School Physics, High School Physics and Astronomy - Astrophysics with the participation of approximately 2,000 students.

Partnership with the Cyprus Computer Society

As "Youth Supporters" we collaborate with the Cyprus Computer Society in Robotex Pancyprian competition (with 600+ participants). The competition focuses on students who stand out in the IT and technology fields. Participating teams are invited to create robots and choose to compete amongst 20 different challenges. The winners represent Cyprus in the respective international competition in Estonia.

Partnership for the Girls in STEAM Academy programme

The female gender is represented with only 17% amongst people studying and working in STEAM fields. This programme aims to eliminate stereotypes and discrimination and encourages female Secondary School Students to approach STEAM concepts and skills through hands-on, inquiry-based learning.

It is an intensive, two-day programme that helps empower and support young girls for potential careers and careers in STEAM fields. It also explores hands-on activities using the latest technologies and offers introductions to role models. At the same time, it seeks to give parents the right tools to continue to seek opportunities to access STEAM fields for their children.