En Ergo Programme

In response to the ongoing pandemic crisis, the Cyprus Paraplegics Association, a member of SupportCY, continued to follow crisis plan procedures and abided by the state guidelines for the continuation of “En Ergo”. En Ergo, which is partially funded by Bank of Cyprus, trains home caregivers for individuals with severely limited mobility. It therefore generates employment positions while also providing significant support for paraplegic and quadriplegic individuals and their families.

En Ergo is supported and managed by a team of experienced professionals. It fosters a culture of fairness and responsibility, supported by strong policies, processes, and development tools. It has zero-tolerance against discrimination, harassment, or unfair treatment.

2021 in numbers

84+ carers
across Cyprus

200,000+ hours
of care

700+ cases
where psychological support was offered

650+ cases
where social support was offered

400+ calls received
via the on-call line which operates daily from 12:00 until 24:00