Beach-cleaning campaign

June 2023

Changing the planet starts with us. Bank of Cyprus volunteers carry out a beach-cleaning campaign

Bank of Cyprus volunteers and their children donned their sneakers, got their sunscreen on, and enthusiastically took part in a beach-cleaning drive organised by the Bank.

The drive took place at Mackenzie beach in Larnaca and the beach of Akti Olympion in Limassol.

Also taking part in the event were the BoC Kids Volunteers team, comprising children of members of staff, aged 7-12. Bank of Cyprus would like to thank the CYMEPA NGO for helping organise the event.


Every card means one fewer plastic bottle in our seas

Bank of Cyprus is playing its part in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal for 'Life Below Water', which is aligned with our ESG strategy. In this context, the new Visa Debit card is one of the Bank's actions aimed at creating a better planet with less plastic. Plastic recovered from the oceans makes up 70% of the material used to manufacture the card.