Recycling is so cool

July 2022

Bank of Cyprus gave out ice cream treats while raising awareness about recycling.

A wonderful initiative at Fig Tree beach embraced by children and adults.

Featuring the slogan 'Recycling is so cool', the specially configured Bank of Cyprus van treated kids and adults to ice cream, on condition that they recycle plastic cups and bottles.

The event took place on July 1 and 2, 2023 at Fig Tree beach in Protoras, where hundreds of vacationers dropped their plastic cups and bottles in recycling bins, in this way helping keep our beaches clean. Next, they were treated to ice cream from the Bank of Cyprus van.

This action was part of the Bank's environmental strategy and also the Visa Debit drive concerning recovered plastic from the sea.

The aim was to raise awareness about protecting the environment, so that it becomes part of our daily routine.