Seaμμαχία (Joint Sea Venture - for life under water)

“Seaμμαχία” (Joint Sea Venture) is a project funded by Bank of Cyprus and includes the study and installation of a pilot system for monitoring the quality of sea water in the area of ​​the Ayia Napa Marina, Cyprus.

The purpose is to monitor and record important water quality parameters in real time. The main goal of the project is the provision of early detection of pollution indices which in turn will provide warnings for necessary corrective actions to ensure environmental protection, not only for the Ayia Napa area, but also other coasts of Cyprus thus creating a national sea water quality control system. A database will be created for further studies aiming to contribute to the development of methods of protecting the marine environment.

The pilot program will be implemented by the EMERGE research group of the Cyprus University of Technology in collaboration with CYMEPA and the Ayia Napa Marina.