Christmas with SupportCY's Santa

December 2022

In a message of social solidarity, part of SupportCY's longstanding mission, Santa is among us once again this year, urging us to spread the joy of the festive season through a voyage of and giving and loving.

With a bright smile, a big heart and a bag full of presents, Santa will be touring schools up until December 23. He'll be chatting online with pupils but also with children in hospital or who are at home sick, he'll share out good wishes to State Services, and he'll parade through the centre of Nicosia. Santa will also visit an animal shelter, highlighting the need to respect our little furry friends, and he'll take some time off his busy schedule to donate blood at the Nicosia blood bank.

During the holidays SupportCY, in partnership with Maskarini Theatre, will organise on December 28 and December 29 two school plays at the SupportCY House at Eleftheria Square, Nicosia.

SupportCY's Santa, who first showed up as a Virtual Santa during Christmas of 2020 - at a time when he couldn't physically be present because of the Covid-19 decrees - has met and spread joy to around 7,500 children he's chatted with online over the past two years, bringing cheer and love.

This year, Bank of Cyprus is bringing Santa back, with the support of SupportCY members EnergyIntel, Kotsovolos, ΑΝΤ1, DELEMA McCANN Cyprus, Leroy Merlin, Porsche and Mundipharma.