My accounts – Details

Option through which you can view important information about each of the account connected to the subscription.

General information

  • Account: Select from the connected accounts shown at the left side of the page.  The available information includes the below:
    • Basic Account information: like account type, currency, account name, co-owners, IBAN, interest rates
    • Mailing Address and contact telephone number: The address where the Bank sends the statement and/or other correspondence
    • Banker’s information: Banker’s name and telephone number
    • Available Balance: The total amount that is available for withdrawals/transfers
    • Balance: The actual balance of the account which includes amounts that have not yet cleared, such as card blocked amounts or uncleared cheques.
    • Manage cards: view and manage cards connected to the account (you can manage only the ones for which you are the cardholder). For more information about card management Select the option Cards
    • Click to print or save the information in PDF format
    • Click  to view and export account statements or payment and transfer receipts
    • Pending: Click to view a detailed analysis of the blocked funds. These may represent card purchases, cash withdrawals from another bank’s ATM or amounts blocked for other reasons. Click  to print/save or  to download the information
    • Uncleared Cheques: Click to see a detailed analysis of all cheques that are pending to be cleared (cheques deposited in the account). Click to print/save or   to download the information
  • Converter: Use to view all the amounts in a currency of your choice. The exchange rates used are the daily rates of the Bank.

Special fields for Credit Cards

  • Additional information is displayed, such as the card Limit andthe Amount and the Due Date of the next card instalment.

Special fields for Loans

  • Additional information is displayed, such as the total of outstanding instalments, the next instalment amount, overdue interest as well as any overdue amounts.