Accounts - Image & Status

Option through which you can view analytical information on the chequebooks issued on connected accounts, as well as images of the cheques provided that they have been presented to the Bank for payment.

General information 

  • Most information is available only after the cheque has been presented and paid
  • Images are available for the front side of the cheque only
  • A cheque image may be shown more that once because this has been presented on different dates
  • For ex Laiki Bank accounts, the information and images available is for cheques presented from June 2013 onwards
  • For the rest of the accounts, the information and image is available from 17/3/2000 onwards

Process – Applicable for Full Version

  • Account: Select accordingly
  • Submit: Click to view information on all account cheques
  • Cheque Number: Enter a cheque number in the first field to view information for the specific cheque
  • From/To: Enter any range of cheques to view their information, i.e. From:0123456 and To: 0123458
  • Amount: Enter an amount to view information for cheques issued with the specific amount
  • Amount (From-To): Enter an amount range i.e. From: 20 To: 100, to view information on cheques issued with the specific amount range
  • Click on the Cheque Number (link) to view and print an image of the cheque


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