Pay Bills - Utility Bills

Option through which you can settle utility bills.

Important Information

  • Acceptance of payment is subject to the rules and regulations of each Utility Authority / Organization
  • Certain Utility Authorities accept payments until 17:30 of the due date
  • Transactions executed on working days after 19:00, are debited with a next working day value date.
  • Payments are processed within two working days
  • You can create favorite templates of bill payments for future use. Click here to see more information about the use of templates


  • Favorites: you can select to re-execute any of your saved templates where organization and ordering account are already defined.
  • Authority/Organization: Select accordingly 
  • Execution Date:  Click on the calendar to select the date on which you wish the transaction to be executed.  You can select any date (current or future) up to 6 months in the future. In case you select a holiday/weekend, the transaction will be executed on the next business day and the transaction’s status till its execution, will be Pending (Future Execution)
  • From Account: Select accordingly
  • Account: Enter the necessary information, as these are displayed on the bill
  • Amount: Enter the necessary information, as these are displayed on the bill
  • Additional fields are displayed, depending on your selection like for example account check digit or amount check digit. Enter the necessary information, as these are displayed on the bill. For more information regarding the details that should be entered for each authority / organization, see the Utility Bills Samples, by pressing payment information instructions. Partial payment of the bill is not permitted
  • Add Payment: Click to enter another payment for the same authority / organization
  • Remove Payment: Click on the payment you wish to remove and press the ‘Delete’ button
  • Submit: Click to submit the transaction 
  • Confirm: Click to confirm the transaction
  • Digipass Code: Enter a digipass code
  • Transaction Number: The system returns a message with the transaction status.  Click on the transaction number to view the specific transaction details.