Customer/Group Management - Group Management

Option through which you can manage the  group (s) of  the customers with which you usually work  in 1bank.

General information

  • Prerequisite is to have created at least one group
  • You can modify the group (add/remove customers and add/remove set as default)
  • You can delete or copy the group
  • There is link for creating a new group

Process - Applicable for full version:

Process for modifying your group 

  • Group: Select the group you wish to modify from drop down
  • Mark as Default Group : Mark / unmark accordingly. You set as Default a Group if you wish this Group to be the default to work with in future sessions  (otherwise you will select it from Filters of each transaction).  
  • Selected Customers: Select one or more customers to Add:
  • Use one of the buttons Add, Add All, Add Page, to transfer the customers to the right. All the accounts belonging only to these customers will be added to your group.
  • Use one of the buttons Remove, Remove All, Remove Page, to transfer the customers to the left. All the accounts belonging to these customers will  be removed from your group.
  • Submit: Click to save the changes

Process for customer search

You can search for a specific customer found on the left.  The facility is useful for subscribers with a large number of connected customers.

  • Name: Enter the name of the customer you are searching and click on Search. The list on the left will show the search result
  • View All: Click to view all the customer names in the list.

Process for deleting the group

  • Delete: Click  to delete the group. Click on ok in message that appears

Process for copying the group

  • Copy: Click to copy the group

  • Name: Enter a new name for your group

  • Save: Click to save the transaction




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