Select (…) More Actions > Settings

Delete Cookies and other data

  • Click on the Choose what to clear button, under the option Clear browising data
  • Select Browsing History, Cookies and saved websites, Cached data and files, Form Data, Passwords
  • Click on ‘Clear

Saved passwords and Autofill options

  • Click on the View Advanced Settings button, under the Advanced Settings option
  • The option Offer to save Passwords should be disabled. If you wish to save passwords for other sites you can keep this option enabled but you should always remember to select Do not save password for this site upon logon to the 1bank service.
    If you have already saved your 1bank password, select Manage my saved passwords and  remove all the Bank of Cyprus websites from the list.
  • The option Save form entries should be disabled
  • Select Don’t block cookies from the Cookies Drop down list