Mastercard Business Top Up

Charge your card with the amount you wish!

  • Add your card to Digital Products

    Carry out contactless payments by adding your card to Apple Pay, BoC Wallet, Fitbit, Garmin or Settle digital products. Fast and secure transactions, anytime.

  • Participation in the antamivi Scheme The Scheme awards loyalty points for your daily transactions with Bank of Cyprus cards. Free travel insurance and student travel insurance
  • Without any credit limit

    Without any credit limit, for even greater control of your company's expenses and with low annual cost.

  • Charge your card

    You can charge you card with the amount you wish, depending on the needs of your business.

  • Free Insurance

    Free Travel Insurance, Student Travel Insurance, Purchase Protection Insurance and Mobile Telephone Insurance

More information

  • Business people looking for a quick and easy, cashless and paperless, payment method, good management of the expenses and transactions of their business, simply by charging their card with the amount of the transaction they are poing to make.


  • The Scheme awards loyalty points for your daily transactions with Bank of Cyprus cards. You get loyalty points every time you use your cards with business participating in the Scheme. You can redeem the loyalty points at the same businesses, paying less or not at all.

    Using your busines card at businesses participating in antamivi Scheme, you earn an additional 0.5 antamivi point for each €1 you spend. For example, you earn 50 points for each of your €100 transactions. Extra points will be credited to your account at the begining of each month.

  • The card is widely accepted in Cyprus and abroad.

  • To be informed about Commission & Charges click here

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