Τhe best way to send and receive money instantly. You pay or accept payments anytime, while avoiding long queues at the bank cashiers.

  • Send and receive money easily and for free

    Just by using your phone contacts. Send money from your card or Settle accoun - Tell your ‘transaction story’ with photos and emojis

  • Give and take for all

    Settle gives you the chance to enjoy flexible transactions, while offering you the added benefit of sending money to customers of other Cypriot banks, as well as receive money from them, whenever you like.

  • Asking for money you are owed can be awkward

    But now you can do it in style. However hard it is to ask for money that is owed to you by a friend, an acquaintance of colleague, Settle helps you request for it from any number, without feeling uncomfortable.

  • You have total control

    With Settle, you have absolute control of your transactions, as you can view your cards, accounts and updated balance at any time, in one place.
    Add debit and credit cards. Review your transaction history and stay informed about any transaction you complete in real time

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More information

    • Yes, just scan the QR code through the app. You can find the QR code at the cashier, or at the business’ social media page or website.
    • Select the business directly through the app, which allows you to carry out payments remotely, securely, according to your needs and preferences.
    • Υou can order and pay for products and services from wherever you are, enjoying delivery or sales point pickup options.
  • With 10 years of experience in digital financial services and no money lost from security breaches, Settle guarantees the safety of your transactions through high-grade encryption, and is certified to handle sensitive card data in cases of credit card fraud.

  • You can find more FAQs by clicking here