Salary deposit

Deposit your salary into Bank of Cyprus, get €50 into your account and other perks. Terms and conditions apply, see below.

Start enjoying more privileges and benefits.

pronomia loyalty scheme

The Scheme is addressed exclusively to customers who deposit their salary into Bank of Cyprus, rewarding them with privileges, depending on the products they own and the cooperation with us:

  • Additional antamivi scheme points
  • Lower interest rate on new housing and personal loans
  • Zero initial bank fees for new loans
  • Discount on new insurance policies

antamivi card reward scheme

The antamivi scheme rewards you for your day-to-day purchases with Bank of Cyprus cards.

By paying with Bank of Cyprus cards at participating merchants, you accumulate points which you can redeem whenever you like.

Members of the pronomia scheme earn additional antamivi scheme points.


Apply online for a loan, current account or credit card

Unexpected expenses or other personal needs? Need a credit card?

You can apply for a QuickLoan, QuickOverdraft or QuickCard, fast and easy through BoC mobile app or Internet Banking, and sign electronically, without visiting a branch.


How to deposit your salary

  • If you already have a current account with BoC, your IBAN is available on BoC Mobile app and Internet Banking.

    If you wish to open a new current account, you can do so online through BoC Mobile app or Internet Banking.

    1. Quick Account– current account without limit and no management fees - find out more here
    2. QuickOverdraft - current account with a €5,000 limit, without personal guarantees or other collateral - find out more here
  • Provide your employer with the new account number that you'd like your salary paid into. For public sector employees/pensioners there are specific payment authorisation forms which should be filled out and sent to the state treasury. The forms can be found here

  • You can visit any BoC branch and fill out the special transfer form with the details of the orders to be transfered, allowing the necessary arrangements to be made.

More information


    As part of the celebrations marking its 125 years of operations and robust participation in the country's economy, Bank of Cyprus Public Company Ltd ("Bank of Cyprus" or "the Bank") is organising a special promotional action ("the Promotional Action") titled 'Salary/Pension Deposit' that seeks to reward ("the Reward") customers who transfer their salary/pensions to the Bank under the following terms and conditions:

    1. Those eligible ("the Beneficiaries") to participate in the Promotional Action are existing Bank customers whose salary/pension is not already being deposited into an account they hold with the Bank.

    2. The Beneficiaries are automatically enrolled in the Promotional Action, provided that:

    Α. They are existing customers and were customers of the Bank as at 14/05/2024;

    Β. They deposit their salary/pension for the first time to a new or existing account ("the Account") they hold with the Bank, and do so by 30/07/2024;

    C. They deposit their salary/pension into the Account for two (2) consecutive months.

    3. A salary/pension is defined as an amount credited into the Account that is of a value equal to or greater than €400.

    4. Each Beneficiary who meets all three (3) conditions cited in paragraph 2 above will earn €50 as a Reward.

    5. The Reward amount of €50 will be deposited into the Account of each Beneficiary who meets the three (3) conditions cited in paragraph 2 above, once thirty (30) days have passed from the date of the second consecutive crediting of the Account with the salary/pension.

    6. The €50 Reward will be credited once per Account.

    7. Without prejudice to the foregoing, each Beneficiary retains the right to terminate the Account at any time, according to the terms and conditions of the agreement between the Beneficiary and the Bank and according to the Table of Commissions and Charges posted on the official website of the Bank (

    8. The Bank may at its discretion bar any person from participating or else discontinue the participation of any person in the Promotional Action if that person in any way interferes with the participation process or the smooth functioning of the Promotional Action or who acts in breach of these Terms and Conditions.

    9. Beneficiaries participate in this Promotional Action on condition that they fully and unreservedly agree to these Terms and Conditions.

    10. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Cyprus.