Preventive measures

Preventive measures at our network of stores

  • Preventive shift closure of branches to protect public health.
  • Providing priority service to vulnerable groups between 8am to 9am.
  • Using thermometres in the branches.
  • Installing plexiglass partitions at the counters of Customer Service Officers.
  • New process for cash deposits of over 2.000 euro and/or over deposits of more the    3 cheques. This aims to minimize depositors’ stay in the branch.
  • We are managing customer flows within the stores for the protection of staff and customers, implementing the 75-person limit inside a premises, in line with the Ministry of Health decision. Additionally we are restricting service to two customers per customer service officer. Complying with the state's decision, we shall not exceed the limit of one person per 8 square metres, including employees.
  •  Intensified daily cleaning and disinfecting of our premises.
  • We have designed special markings on the floors, ensuring customers maintain a minimum safe distance from tellers.
  • We are stepping up daily cleaning across all our premises.
  • We are placing antiseptic gel dispensers for customers at all store entrances.
  • We are making available latex gloves to staff who may wish to use them. It is noted that, according to World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines, the use of gloves on its own is not adequate protection nor a substitute for the regular washing of hands as part of observing basic personal hygiene.
  • For departments where customers physically attend, visits will be limited to a minimum, appointments are required, and visits will take place at a space (in the premises of any given department) adhering to the one person per 8 square metres mandatory guideline