Interview Tips

How to prepare and what to expect

We'd like to help you prepare for the job interview so you can do your best.

  • By searching the Bank’s website and social media, you will find useful information about the Bank’s main features and news. This will help you understand whether you fit with the Bank's values and are a suitable candidate for recruitment.

  • Prepare to answer typical questions such as describing your experiences and why you are interested in the role. This way you will be able to more easily communicate what you have to say.

  • Think of examples from your previous experiences that are consistent with specific skills required by the role.

  • Estimate the time it takes to get to the location where the face-to-face interview will take place.

  • Non-verbal communication represents part of the message you are sending. Make sure that what you want to say is reflected in your facial expressions as well as your movements.

  • This will help you to prepare yourself and calm down.

  • Take a deep breath and try to shut out any feelings of anxiety.

  • Refocus your thoughts before answering any question that may be difficult for you.

  • While it is tempting to embellish our skills and abilities, we believe that honesty shows respect to the people conducting the interview. Focus on your strengths and try to highlight them. Maintain eye contact with the interviewers.

  • If there is anything you do not understand, make sure it is clarified to you.