Bank of Cyprus is supporting the work of the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance

for mobile crews assisting our fellow human beings

#SupportCy is a support network created by Bank of Cyprus, with the Reaction NGO as its main partner, comprising companies and organisations diverting their operations, products and services in supporting the efforts undertaken by state institutions in the fight against COVID-19.

The #SupportCy network is also supporting the mobile crews recently announced by the Minister of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance that are tasked with servicing/supporting individuals unable to leave their home and have no one to help them obtain food, medicine and other essential items. These individuals include confirmed or suspected carriers of coronavirus who have been identified by the Ministry of Healthy and placed in self-isolation at their home.

The Coordination Centre for this action is already up and running at premises provided by Bank of Cyprus. The centre avails of the necessary infrastructure, while any additional needs for equipment or consumables are identified and arranged for via the #SupportCY network.

Bank of Cyprus Corporate Affairs Director Michalis Persianis stated: "The objective of the #SupportCY network is to establish a network where the private sector provides ongoing support to the state. Already the network is doing its part by supporting ministries, organisations and, soon, authorities. This network must become one of the legacies of the present crisis, staying intact even after the current situation is over. At any rate, the response by businesses and clients of the Bank has been encouraging, enhancing the expectation that these efforts and initiatives will not fall by the wayside."

More and more companies and organisations are joining the network with each passing day. With their products and services, network members are doing their part in helping individuals and government departments perform effectively. To date the following companies have joined (listed alphabetically):

Bionic, C.A. Papaellinas, DHL, Kids Alternativities, McDonald’s, Olitech Ltd, Polignosi, Public, Unicars, Wood n Fire Art Bakery, 3CX, Politis newspaper, the Cyprus Cycling Federation, the Cyprus Computer Society, the Cyprus Mathematical Society, Petrolina, the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra, Zorbas Bakeries.

The Bank shall soon be announcing other companies who have expressed interest in #SupportCY. Any business wishing to join, may visit, where they can provide basic information about their offer as well as their contact information.