Creating a Support Network for Cyprus


Businesses, non-governmental organisations and organised groups are working together in a structured manner to support those who support us.

The Support Network is geared at public entities and government departments and services that are currently undertaking a colossal and unprecedented effort. It is only natural that state apparatuses and entities, but above all the people working there, need our support.

Through the operations, products and services of Network members we are doing our part in supporting state institutions, helping them achieve their goals.

The network already includes Zorbas Bakeries, Bionic and Public.

Bank of Cyprus will assist in the effort financially and organisationally, along with its main partner, the Reaction NGO.

We are asking anyone who wants and believes they can help, to get in touch with us at  providing basic information about their offer as well as their contact details.

This call goes out not only to individual volunteers, but also to organised groups, NGOs, businesses and other entities.