Employment Options

  • Working Time Reduction

At the Bank of Cyprus, we create a supportive and inclusive working environment that values individuals and their different personal circumstances and supports them through different working schemes.

In this context, we provide the option to our employees for part-time employment aiming to help staff members achieve a better work-life balance. This option is open to all staff who can take advantage of it on a voluntary basis.

Furthermore, our employees may choose to apply for unpaid leave and are given the option for a long absence from work for personal purposes, for up to 2 years.

  • Types of Employment

We provide different types of employment options, depending on our organizational needs, that also match the needs of our prospective candidates such as: Permanent employment, Fixed-term Contracts, Seasonal Work.

The terms of employment are covered by our collective agreement and are fully adhered to. Each staff member receives fair treatment and respect, regardless of the type of their employment.