Exhibitions, Events, Lectures & Educational Programmes

The events, exhibitions and lectures presented at the Cultural Foundation are open to the public. The Cultural Foundation uses its agenda of events as an opportunity to bring the public in contact mainly with the history and civilization of Cyprus, as well as with world history and contemporary art sets and trends.

Each year the annual programme of events is presented by the Director to the BOD based on their initial guidelines. There is a strong emphasis on selecting performances for the series Faneromeni, Moments at the Museum, The Roof and Educational programmes through an Open Call process, run by appointed evaluation committees so as to allow new and young people to collaborate with the Foundation. The Open Calls are warmly welcomed by the cultural heritage professionals and the public. 

For the Cultural Foundation, 2022 was a year full of events and exhibitions for everyone’s interest. A large number of visitors had the opportunity to attend or participate in events related to the arts-theatre, music, dance, science, history, archaeology, education as well as social and personal education. The 2022 programme was well received by the public, families, students and beyond.

In 2021, the Cultural Foundation stengthened its  digital strategy, as the Foundation became the coordinator of the programme “ReInHerit – Redefining the future of cultural heritage, through a disruptive model of sustainability”.  The programme is funded by the EU under Horizon 2020 and involves 12 organisations from seven countries.

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