"Folia" Centre

The Folia (Nest) Centre is currently available to approximately 60.000 patients with rare disorders (and their families), by providing information, support and education regarding specific conditions.

The Centre provides information on bills, laws, directives, regulations and resolutions concerning patients with rare disorders. It also investigates problems of a general or specific nature or certain condition, even individual patients. It also proceeds with the preparation of studies, thus helping patients to properly claim their requests and forward suggestions to the competent bodies.

The Centre was established in 2017 with the support of the Ministry of Health and in collaboration with the Cyprus Alliance for Rare Disorders (CARD). Bank of Cyprus has been its main partner and sponsor and currently provides building premises to be used as office area by Folia Centre.

CARD also works for the promotion of transnational technical agreements with international centres, the expansion of the Neonatal Screening Programme, the establishment of a Hepatology Clinic, the financial support of patients, and awareness around post-mortem Organ Donation.

“Folia” Centre provides annually:

 Through the Patient Support Service

  • 110+ responses to individual patient requests
  • 20+ calls by individual patients received at the call centre per week

Through the Psychological Support Programme

  • 25+ responses to individual patient requests
  • 280+ private sessions