Humanitarian aid to earthquake victims

February 2023

The day after the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, we contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the SupportCY network, stating our readiness to contribute to our country's support for the earthquake victims.

The support was sent by air to Lebanon where it was received by the Patriarchate of Antioch and All East in order to be distributed to the earthquake victims.

The contact with the Patriarchate was made after a request sent to SupportCY, through the member NGO KEPA (Center of Offer and Love), in Paralimni.


11 companies contributed to the effort

In total, 11 businesses (members of SupportCY) responded to this call. Apart from Bank of Cyprus the companies are: Cyprus Airways, Leroy Merlin, Appollonion Private Hospital, EnrgyIntel, Unicars, Athienites Stores, Grant Thorton, Ergo Home Group, Mundipharma Pharmaceuticals and ANT1.

This is a collective effort which proves, once again, the power of cooperation. Organizations, businesses, the state apparatus and volunteers worked together to respond efficiently.