Public Awareness Campaign on Floods

January 2023

Heavy and prolongued rainfall leads to flooding. Such extreme weather events have spiked in recent years due to climate change. Bank of Cyprus' SupportCY network has partnered up with the Fire Service in mounting a public awareness campaign, highlighting preventive measures and ways of dealing with floods. In addition, and as part of SupportCY's actions, informational material will be sent to over 170 businesses and organisations - members of the SupportCY network - concerning preventive measures that should be taken at premises. Raising awareness among the public and the business community aims to encourage the taking of steps to minimise the consequences of potential floods, in light also of the adverse weather expected over the coming days.

Moreover, SupportCY's volunteer corps stands ready to assist the Fire Service at any time, deploying its people and equipment to deal with and fix damage caused by floods.

Useful instructions

Before a flood

  • Make sure that manholes/rainwater drainage outside your home are clear of branches/leaves/trash
  • Make sure that rain gutters are working as they should
  • Limit your movements, and avoid working or staying in underground spaces when heavy rainfall advisories have been issued and if the area where you live/work has had problems with flooding in the past
  • If you have a basement or premises that has flooded in the past, take all protection measures

During a flood

Inside a building:

  • Leave underground spaces and move to higher ground

In an open area:

  • Relocate to higher, safer ground
  • Do not cross through a torrent/rushing water on foot or in a vehicle
  • Stay away from electrical cables or other damaged/destroyed infrastructures
  • Only follow instructions issued by relevant authorities
  • Stay clear of areas where landslides have occurred or are likely to occur
  • Remember that the risks from a flood do not immediately subside once the waters begin to withdraw or once the rain stops

After a flood

  • Stay away from flooded areas
  • Be careful not to obstruct the work of rescue crews
  • Limit unnecessary movements
  • Do not approach areas affected by landslides and rockslides
  • If you encounter a flooded street, stop and drive away
  • Avoid areas/streets with stagnant water, as the water may have concealed or covered up potholes on the tarmac which may no longer be visible
  • Only follow instructions issued by relevant authorities