Transfers & Payments - Multiple Payments

Option through which you can perform multiple payments of various types, by uploading a single file according to the specifications provided by the Bank.

For the manual click here.

General information

  • Several files can be uploaded per day
  • All connected accounts can be used for multiple payments, provided you have full access to those accounts
  • Multiple payments are processed as individual payments in Internet Banking.
  • Multiple payments files can contain future dated transactions
  • The file to be uploaded can contain most of the transfer types available in Internet Banking:
    • Transfers to Connected Accounts
    • Transfers to BOC Customers
    • Transfers to Local Banks
    • Payment Orders
  • Click here to view the specifications for Multiple Payments files, as well as information about the XML Converter Tool.


  • SelectFile: Select the multiple payments file located in your computer and click on Open
  • Upload: Click on the button shown after the selection of the file
  • Digipass Code: Enter a digipass code (if required)
  • Submit: Click to upload the file transactions to the 1bank system
  • Messages: After the upload of the file, the 1bank system carries out a check on the transactions and returns a message to the user with the results. Select the message that contains the name of the file you uploaded to view the results of the check. The message contains information about the transactions and details of any invalid payments (if any). Invalid payments will have to be corrected and then uploaded again in the system. The remaining (valid) payments appear on the Pending For Approval screen and will have to be approved before being sent to the Bank for execution
  • Check the Transaction Status screen to see the status of the payments


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