Statements - Stop/Start Paper Statement

Option through which you can select whether you wish to Stop receiving or Start receiving the paper statement for one or more accounts as a hard copy

General Information

  • The option is available for:
  • - Own Accounts connected with full access
    - Current Accounts, Loans and Fixed Deposits, Savings Accounts
    -Card Accounts
  • The option is not available for eProducts
  • When the ‘Receive statement’ option is enabled, the statement is sent to the mailing address maintained by the Bank and charges apply
  • Upon completion, an Alert will be sent to the mobile phone/email maintained by the Bank (not applicable for Cards)
  • You can set up a new alert to be notified when your accounts' eStatements are available, by clicking here

Process – Applicable for Full Version

  • Change to 'Receive': Select the account(s) for which you wish to start receiving the paper statement
  • Change to 'Do not receive': Select the account(s) for which you wish to stop receiving the paper statement
  • Each option is available according to the current status of the account statement i.e. when the ‘Current Status’ value is ‘Receive Statement’, the only available option is ‘Do not receive’ and vice versa
  • Submit: Click to submit the transaction (s)
  • Confirm: Click to confirm the transaction(s)
  • Transaction Number: The system returns an informatory message at the top of the page. You can view the status of each transaction through the option Transaction Status
  • For security purposes, an Alert will be sent to the mobile number/email maintained by the Bank, for each transaction

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