Transfers & Payments - Tax Payments

Option through which you can settle your Governmental tax payments.

Important Information

  • Acceptance of payment is subject to the rules and regulations of each tax payment type
  • You can create templates of tax payments for future use. Click here to see more information about the use of templates

Process  - Applicable for Full Version

  • Account: Select accordingly
  • Tax Payment Type: Select accordingly (e.g. TAX DEPARTMENT: includes VAT Payments you have registered in government platform taxisnet. Also  other overdue taxes for which you have applied and been approved to pay instalments, via the Ariadni Government platform).
  • Execution Date:  Click on the calendar  to select the date on which you wish the transaction to be executed.  You can select any date (current or future) up to 6 months in the future. In case you select a holiday/weekend, the transaction will be executed on the next business day and the transaction’s status till its execution, will be Pending (Future Execution)
  • Additional fields are displayed, depending on your selection. Enter the necessary information, as these are displayed on the tax bill. Partial payment of the tax bill is not permitted
  • Add Payment: Click to enter another payment for of the same tax payment type
  • Remove Payment: Click on the payment you wish to remove and press the Remove Payment button
  • Submit: Click to submit the transaction 
  • Digipass Code:  Enter a digipass  OTP( if required)
  • Confirm: Click to confirm the transaction
  • Transaction Number: The system returns a message at the top of the page, with the transaction status.  Click on the transaction number to view the specific transaction details.  


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