Folia Centre

Bank of Cyprus offers a "nest" to "rare" patients

We remain a close associate of the model “Folia” (Nest) Centre, a point of reference as well as a centre for information and education to patients with rare disorders and their families.

The Centre was established in 2017 by the Cyprus Alliance of Rare Disorders in collaboration with the Bank of Cyprus and with the support of the Ministry of Health. It has already reinforced and complemented considerably the work done by the Ministry of Health in the field of rare disorders. It also contributes to the implementation of the National Strategy on Rare Disorders.

The Cyprus Alliance of Rare Disorders consists of 20 patient societies and around 215 “rare” patients who are considered to be individual cases due to the rareness of their disorder.

Our volunteers, all staff members of our Bank, offer assistance in various events and activities of the Centre.

The Centre is located at 10 Terra Santa Street, Strovolos, Nicosia.

Contact phone: 22 203762

Fax: 22 203766

Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 09:00-17:00



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