Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation

The Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation was conceived in the mid 1980's as a means to promote and preserve Cypriot  history and culture. Its collections and activties cover a wide array of topics, including  archaeology, moden history, the arts and literature.

Beyond its chief functions, - supporting research on archaeology,  organising exhibitions and events and holding educational programs - the Cultural Foundation strives to keep up with the times and is accessible to the wider public.

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Bank of Cyprus Historical Archive

The Bank of Cyprus Historical Archive is pressing on with its multifaceted task of tracking, collecting and cataloguing, and making available for study and research, the Group’s archival records as well as records of third parties relating to Cyprus’ economic history.

It maintains the most comprehensive, nationwide collection of documents dating to 1899 and it is a true treasure for research in cliometrics and in  social and historical research.