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Our People

Operating as we do in a competitive and complex environment, we are forced to work with a staff that maintains the highest levels of skill and qualifications and who are committed to our values and objectives. We are committed to providing our employees with top-notch working conditions, acknowledging their value as indivisuals. We are driven by a sense of equality, trust, respect and reliability.

Our core Purpose, to create sustainable value with integrity and in lifelong partnership with our customers, permeates all decisions, actions and planning in the Bank.


The employees

People are the heart and soul of businesses and organisations. We provide our staff the means to look to the future and to work diligently and professionally toward achieving the Group’s vision and strategy.

Our values

We are committed to a work ethic that will allow us to remain our customers’ first choice.

Operating with integrity and transparency while safeguarding the principles of confidentiality and discretion.

Through our professional work ethic, we ensure a sense of reliability and trust, always making the customer our focal point.

We respect and appreciate our associates, customers and staff. It is our belief that the best results can be achieved only through teamwork and collective action.

Employee Code of Conduct

We provide our staff the opportunity to be informed on the framework within which they work and represent us.

The Employee Code of Conduct, posted to all staff internally, allowing each employee to review the framework within which he or she undertakes to operate and conduct him/herself.

Additionally, our staff are able to report irregular actions and possible violations of the Code of Conduct via the Anonymous Reporting Line and under a clear Whistleblower Policy designed to encourage reporting.  

We protect our staff by expressly prohibiting any reprisals against any employee who in good faith reports suspicious/unethical conduct or violation of rules, regulations or policies.

The Employee Code of Conduct covers interpersonal relations at the workplace, sexual harassment, harassment and violence at the workplace, and other acts punishable by law.

The Group Compliance Division, reviews and updates, as necessary, policies relating to combating corruption and communicates these policies to the staff and management. These policies are given top priority. 

Acts punishable by law

Strictly abiding by guidelines and regulations of the relevant authorities, the Bank declares that it shall never become a means of channelling moneys deriving from criminal activity.

We maintain strict guidelines ensuring the legitimacy of the commercial transactions of all our customers.

 All staff members are subject to the provisions of the Law on Money Laundering. In the event such activities have come to the attention of a staff member, and the staff member fails to report these to the Compliance Officer, or a staff member assists customers in the laundering of money, he or she is committing a criminal offence.

Equal opportunities policy

As an equal opportunity employer we successfully handle matters relating to diversity, ensuring that all members of the staff receive fair and impartial treatment.

We provide equal opportunities in staff selection and recruitment, training and development, performance assessment and rewards (via incentives), promotions, relocations and transfers. These practices are applied irrespective of gender, age, religion, ethnicity or race, sexual orientation, physical abilities or political convictions.

Occupational health and safety

We ensure a healthy and safe working environment, believing as we do that employees will be most productive within a comfortable environment. To this end, the working conditions are systematically monitored and upgraded by the Business Protection, Safety & Health Department.

Working conditions are constantly being improved via regular inspections evaluating potential dangers at the Group’s branches.

Moreover, staff members have received training in First Aid, and defibrillators have been installed at certain locations within Bank premises, for use by both customers and staff.

To reduce the risk of robbery, branches have been equipped with security doors. In addition, the Bank organises staff seminars on First Aid and Security at the workplace.

Employee Development and Training

Ongoing development and training of our employees enables them to provide high-quality services. Through systematic training, we afford our staff the opportunity for personal growth and skills development.


We encourage employees to actively participate and engage with our Bank’s various actions and initiatives -some 186 in 2016- confirming that the values instilled in the culture of an organisation can only be the very values held by its people. Our values are guided by volunteering and solidarity.

Our support to the Cyprus Anti Cancer Society, which has developed into a tradition for the Bank, is also based on volunteer work by our staff.

Our employees are encouraged to participate in actions and volunteerism, and we carry out or participate in campaigns to collect food and other sundries that are distributed to families in economic distress, in blood drives and a host of other activities, centered around two pillars- Health and Education.

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