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Risk Committee

The Committee consists entirely of non-executive Directors most of whom are independent Directors.

The Risk Committee plays a key role in setting the risk appetite and strategy of the Group and ensuring compliance with risk management strategy, policies and regulations.  The Committee is also responsible for the development of an internal risk management framework and its integration with the Bank’s decision making process, covering the whole spectrum of the bank’s activities and units as well as subsidiaries.

The Risk Committee examines whether the incentives set by the remuneration policy take into consideration the Bank’s risk, capital and liquidity structure.  It approves loans which exceed a certain level as per the Lending Policy of the Group.  Management reports to the Risk Committee on credit, market, liquidity, operational, litigation and reputational risks.


Terms of Reference


Risk Committee (RC)

Arne Berggren (Chairman)

Maksim Goldman

Paula Hadjisotiriou

Ιοannis Zographakis

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