Wear it, approach a POS terminal, and pay!

Do you need fast and safe transactions, without having to carry cash or your card around? Wearablepay is the new way of making transactions saving you the trouble!

As of 01/12/2020, there will be no issuing of new Wearablepay.

How it works

Pay with Wearablepay for transactions with no PIN of up to €50 in Cyprus.

  • Stick it on your mobile, hold near a POS terminal, pay and you’re done!
  • Connect with any VISA card (debit, credit or prepaid).
  • The amount for PIN-less transactions may vary in other countries.
  • It costs €10 to issue.
  • Become eligible to participate in the antamivi rewards Scheme.

All your questions answered

  • For the instructions for use click here.

    For additional FAQs click here.


  • You can find the declaration for Wearablepay & Tagpay here