Investment and Custody Services

Bank of Cyprus Public Company Limited services include receiving and transmitting client orders in financial investments, the execution of client orders and providing investment advice. Upon request, we can furnish you with further details on the portfolio management services provided by our subsidiary CISCO.

Bank of Cyprus Public Company Limited and all of its subsidiaries  (the "Group”, “we”,  “us”) is subject to requirements under European and Cypriot legislation regarding the way investment services are provided across the European Economic Area, including the requirement to provide our clients with information on the way in which we provide services.

Your legal relationship with us will be governed by the terms and conditions of the investment services agreement you enter into with the Group (the "Agreement"). Further information on the relevant services is included in the MIFID Pre-Contractual Information Package (“Info Pack”). Before we start providing investment services to you, a copy of this Package will be given to you together with the Agreement.

The information on this site is provided to existing and potential clients, wishing to receive general information on investment and related ancillary services offered by the Bank. This information is subject to change from time to time by the Bank, in accordance with the terms and conditions of your Agreement. Clients are advised to regularly visit the Bank's website to obtain the updated information.

It is important to read and understand the information provided in both your Agreement and the MIFID Pre-Contractual Information Package on this site. You should obtain such legal, investment and other advice as you consider appropriate in relation to such information and its effect on your Agreement, or any future Agreement, with the Bank, as appropriate.