CYON | Cyprus ON

The digital revolution is no longer an abstraction, no longer wishful thinking. It's already taking root, and is delivering services - in banking and beyond - and doing it faster, cheaper and safer.


There's only one way to go, and that is forward. Bank of Cyprus is taking the lead as befits it. Not only as a mainstay of the financial sector, but also a trailblazer nudging the country toward digital transformation and completing our transition to the new age.


The Bank is constantly upgrading and expanding its range of digital products and services, fostering the digital culture among its staff, encouraging and educating Cypriots and helping them become acquainted with the new state of play so that they can tap into the potential unlocked by the new technologies. These are actions that come under the philosophy of Cyprus ON (CYON); they are growing into an outlook on life, transcending banking and economics. This is how we breathe life into the digital economy of Cyprus.


It's an integrated approach that spreads into the structures of the state and society, one that seeks faster service, expanding our horizons and seizing every opportunity to be at the top of our game through public-private synergies.


The Bank's ambitious and longstanding vision of taking the country forward, is now being driven by CYON which is becoming the agent for smoothly transitioning the Cypriot Commons to the digital era. It is the policy and commitment of Bank of Cyprus toward society for the conquest of the digital future.