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The creation of social capital is vital for the economy and a major driver of technological growth and social progress. For Bank of Cyprus, social value requires going beyond the regular transactional boundaries, engaging with all partners across the value chain, and recognising the role of financial institutions in modern societies.

As we go Beyond Banking, we aim to make a difference by elevating the Cyprus society and contribute to its continued socioeconomic development, by remaining a strong driving force of Sustainable Development in the country. 

We Examine - Contribute - Engage - Commit to the causes we support, according to the Group’s Donations, Sponsorships, and Partnerships Statement and the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy, based on three pillars: Health, Education, Environment. In line with internal policies we also donate machinery and office equipment to help numerous NGOs and organisations meet their needs.

Investment in the society

€695 thousand
allocated in 2022 for our social responsibility programme
to support our strategic pillars.

€780 thousand+
in monetary and in-kind contribution to the society
by all SupportCY members-partners since March 2020.

Social Responsibility Strategic Pillars


Supporting the Society’s efforts to raise public awareness on health issues, focusing on: 

  • Cancer Associations
  • Rare Diseases Associations
  • Paraplegic and Tetraplegic Associations 
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We provide financial, human and material resources to design or create short term programmes and long term initiatives promoting learning and development, focusing on:

  • Awarding youth within STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics)
  • Innovation
  • Diversity, equality and inclusion
  • Financial literacy
  • Sports in youth
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With emphasis on land and the sea, focusing on: 

  • Awareness - Education - Prevention
  • Response
  • Recovery
  • Mitigation of climate change consequences
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A network acting within the HealthEducation and Environment Pillars, in situations of crises and where immediate action is needed, with the collaboration of:

  • SupportCY members-partners
  • SupportCY Crises and Disasters Centre
  • SupportCY Volunteers Corps
  • SupportCY House
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Our Donations, Sponsorships & Partnerships Statement

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