The first 20 students from the BoC Academy graduated

The first 20 BoC Academy graduates received their diplomas proving that it's never too late to learn. Graduates participated in BoC Academy programs in collaboration with CIM Business School, and obtained certificates in specialized subjects, developing their knowledge and skills.

Twenty employees of the Bank, who attended the Strategy, Digital Marketing, Business and Organizational Behavior courses, obtained relevant certificates, as part of the continuous investment in staff learning and development.

In her greeting at the graduation ceremony, Mrs. Irene Grigoriou Pavlidis, Executive Director of the Human Resources & Transformation Division, congratulated the graduates and mentioned that "learning never ends and that every experience, every knowledge we acquire, makes us better people and professionals".

You, by your example, have proven that it is never too late to invest in ourselves and expand our horizons. Your commitment to personal growth and professional advancement demonstrates your desire to evolve, push your limits and reach new heights," added the Executive Director.

She emphasized, "the skills and knowledge you acquired will enable you to meet the modern demands of the times and open new doors in your professional career. The effort you put in and the perseverance you showed are worthy of admiration and set an example for all of us."

The Academy expands its program from the new academic year with a new cycle of programs and a new collaboration with the University of Cyprus.

The BoC Academy was launched in 2023 with the aim of offering all those resources (reskilling & upskilling) that will help the development and progress of Bank of Cyprus people in an extremely changing and competitive environment.