We are launching the IBU Greek Hub

Bank of Cyprus takes the lead yet again by going into new territory and becoming a reliable partner for International Business - now offering integrated services to Greek companies and business people setting up shop in Cyprus.

In creating the IBU Greek Hub, to serve as a reference point for this business, Bank of Cyprus aims to further identify and understand the business needs of Greek companies as well as provide services and support to them.

Already Bank of Cyprus is building a viable International Banking Unit, applying the highest AML standards and becoming a reliable partner for correspondent banks.

According to Harris Pistos, Director of International Banking at Bank of Cyprus, "today Cyprus has many advantages allowing it to continue developing as an international business hub. Other than offering certain known incentives - such as having a stable and reliable banking, legal and tax regime, as well as offering high-level services - Cyprus can offer a great deal more to businesses wanting to set up shop here." 

Pistos added: "A large number of such companies already operate here with their cadres. We want to further build on know-how and experience so that we are able to offer even better services. The new initiative aims to grow business ties with Greek corporations - including companies engaged in export/retail, property, the hotel industry, shipping and so on. These are companies who trust Cyprus enough to relocate their operations here. As the leading financial organisation in Cyprus, we will be offering the entire spectrum of our products, adapted to the needs of each company. 

"Other than the IBU Greek Hub, our Bank operates International Business Units with high-quality service, thanks to the staff who possess the expertise, experience and skills to speedily carry out international transactions."

The new IBU Greek Hubwill be based in Nicosia. Its email: Greekhub@bankofcyprus.com.