For the first time in Cyprus,an information technology management unit

Bank of Cyprus once more demonstrates its leadership in the market, this time as the first bank to create a unit to manage international ICT companies that choose Cyprus as their base.

A service unit in the new and developing sector of "international ICT companies" (Information, Communication and Technology) that choose to move their operations to Cyprus, has been created at the IBU of the Bank of Cyprus.

It is the first bank in Cyprus to create a specialised unit catering to these companies, aiming at the effective and deep understanding of their needs and mitigating their risks, as well as serving and supporting them in their daily banking needs.

Bank of Cyprus has created this service unit to serve international technology companies that have already moved to Cyprus, along with high-level management and staff. This a trend will further be bolstered by the incentives announced last October by the government of Cyprus, which allow for the further development of the sector.

The IBU Technology HUB location is Limassol, where most ICT companies operate.