Arne Berggren

Non-executive Director

Date of appointment: 20 November 2014

Nationality: Swedish


Mr. Berggren has been involved in corporate and bank restructurings, working for both the private sector as well as for international organisations since the early 90s starting with Nordea during the Swedish financial crisis.  This was followed by bank crises management and bank restructuring assignments in numerous countries in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia, and more recently during the current financial crisis in the Baltics, Spain and Slovenia.  He has been head of financial restructuring and recovery at Carnegie Investment Bank AB and Swedbank AB and as chief executive officer of Swedcarrier AB led the restructuring of parts of Swedish Rail. 

Mr. Berggren has held numerous board positions in the financial and corporate sector including a position on the board of director at LBT Varlik Yönetim AS and DUTB Ldt. 

He is a graduate of the University of Uppsala, Sweden and he continued at the Universities of Amsterdam, Geneva and New York for post graduate studies.

External Appointment(s):

  • Non-Executive Director of Pireaus Bank
  • Chairman of  the Board of TBC Bank Group Plc

Committee membership(s):

Member of the Nominations and Corporate Governance Committee

Member of the Audit Committee 

Member of the Technology Committee