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  • Jinius is the first digital economy platform in Cyprus

    that connects businesses and individuals by offering innovative services and tools.

  • It digitalises, simplifies, and accelerates

    everyday transactions and activities. It empowers the Cypriot business ecosystem so that companies, their partners, and customers can transact in real-time, efficiently, safely, smarter and faster.

  • Jinius’ services

    are dynamic and constantly evolving to improve the economic activities.

Grow your business with cutting edge solutions

Digitalize invoicing

Save time with our automated e-invoicing process

  • Send and receive digital invoices and credit notes
  • Make your payments via the platform
  • Access your billing history 
  • Trust that your data is safe

Make and receive payments

Easier, faster, and safer transactions

  • Integrate Jinius with your business 1bank account
  • Execute worry-free payments with the reliability of the Bank of Cyprus
  • Automate multiple invoice payments

Remittance management

Automate bulk payments with Remittance Management

  • Schedule remittance 
  • Send bulk payments to multiple suppliers
  • Receive the remittance advice
  • Real-time email notification for payments received
  • Automated invoice status update

Grow your business network

Join our business ecosystem to explore new business opportunities (coming soon)

  • Build your company’s digital ecosystem
  • Allow Jinius’ users to discover and connect with your business
  • Get in touch with other companies and start new collaborations

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