CSE (BOCH/ΤΡΚΗ) 1.500 0.000
Last updated 17:07
LSE (BOCH) 1.438 -0.010
Last updated 14:49

Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre

Our participation in establishing the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre in 1998 marked the beginning of our overall and ongoing contribution to healthcare. We support the Centre at its every step, enabling it to cope with the challenges in cancer treatment and to offer enhanced services to Cypriot citizens.

The Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre is a model healthcare centre in Cyprus, and our contribution to supporting it dates back several years:

  • Throughout the years we have supported the Centre with donations of over €60m.
  • Our representatives are active members on the Centre’s board, where we seek to transfer know-how and experience.
  • We provide diverse support in areas such as technology and project management.

To find out more about the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre and the services it offers, visit: www.bococ.org.cy

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