New era, new cards

  • Vertical design

    Visa and Mastercard now come in a vertical design, in sync with the changing times. This will make for a unique user experience with a POS terminal, with the BoC Wallet or with Apple Pay

  • Minimalist aesthetics

    In line with global design trends, all the data are on the back side of the card - an ideal fusion of aesthetics and functionality, maximising ease of use.

  • Prominent contours

    The highly-visible coloured contours will make it easy for you to spot your new credit card inside your wallet.

  • Contact-less technology

    Stylish and easy to use, the new cards also feature contact-less technology, and can be used in Cyprus and overseas - both physically and digitally.

All your questions answered

  • ATM

    Insert your card in the ATM and enter the new PIN code you’ve been sent. This will automatically activate your card.

    Mobile Banking app

    Choose the ‘Cards’ field in the Mobile App.

    • You can see the card images on the top of your screen.
    • Below this are various options for the selected card
    • Press the option Activate New Card and your card will be automatically activated 
    • This transaction requires the usage of Digipass

    Internet Banking

    Visit 1bank and follow the path Cards/PIN> Card Management >Activate Card. This transaction requires the usage of Digipass

    1Bank Call Center 

    By calling at 800 00 800 and for international calls +35722 128 000, Monday-Friday, 07:45 until 18:00 and Saturday-Sunday, 09:00 until 17:00

  • Your card simply changes its name , colour and your mood! This card changes its name to #4youth and its colour will be either yellow or orange. All renewals of this card will be with the yellow colour.

  • Your participation in the antamivi scheme is automatic, since the scheme includes all Bank of Cyprus cards. Exempt are cards issued to minors and in a foreign currency. Find out more about the antamivi scheme.

  • All Bank of Cyprus cards are used in the same way. The new, vertical design does not change the way you use your card. Just use your new card as you normally would at ATMs, POS terminals, or for online shopping and money transfers.

  • You will be issued one whenever your card is renewed. No action is required on your end.

  • Yes, you can add the same Visa card to any and/or all devices on which the BoC Wallet is installed. However, you cannot add the same card twice to the same account. Find out more about the BoC Wallet.

  • Yes, you can add your new card to Apple Pay, in the same way as you would other Bank of Cyprus cards. Adding your new card to Apple Pay is a breeze. Find out more about Apple Pay.

  • Holders of Garmin smartwatches will register their new, vertical-design card in the same way through the Garmin Connect app. Find out more about how to use Garmin Pay.

  • You can add and manage your new card in the Fitbit app and device in the same way as you would with any other Bank of Cyprus card. Fitbit allows you to store up to six cards. Find out more about Fitbit Pay.