Get ready for another extraordinary summer with Bank of Cyprus Visa cards.

This summer will also be... electrifying.

  • Use your Bank of Cyprus Visa cards

    for all your purchases until September 15th

  • Get the chance to win

    the New All-Electric MINI Countryman

  • Every transaction you make with Bank of Cyprus Visa cards,

     equals with one entry in the draw

More Information

  • Your participation is activated automatically, by paying with Bank of Cyprus VISA cards.

  • With every transaction in all businesses using Bank of Cyprus VISA cards, you earn one (1) entry in the competition. 

    For purchases made at merchants participating in the 'antamivi' scheme and who are located at the Nicosia Mall, during the campaign the Holders will earn x3 (triple) entries in the draw.


    1. Eligible to participate in the campaign are all holders ("the Holders") of personal cards issued by Bank of Cyprus Public Company Ltd ("the Bank") who will use their Bank of Cyprus Visa cards for their purchases and will participate in a draw where one (1) lucky participant will win an electric car - a MINI Countryman E with Favoured Trim - worth €57,500 (fifty-seven thousand, five-hundred euro) ("the prize"). The attributes/model of the prize are: New MINI Countryman E with Favoured Trim, Exterior Colour; Smokey Green with Vibrant Silver roof and mirrors.

    2. Each transaction made using Bank Visa cards will correspond to one entry in the draw.

    3. For purchases made at merchants participating in the 'antamivi' scheme and who are located at the Nicosia Mall (2 Madrid Street, Nicosia 2306), during the campaign the Holders will earn x3 (triple) entries in the draw.

    4. In order for a Holder to enter the draw, he/she must make purchases using Visa cards issued by the Bank (debit and/or prepaid and/or credit cards). Purchases made either in Cyprus or abroad qualify. The purchases must be made from 15/06/2024 to 15/09/2024, inclusive.

    5. The following transactions are not eligible to be entered into the draw: (a) cash withdrawals; (b) cash or cheque deposits; (c) QuickPay; (d) transfers; (e) direct debit; (f) bank fees e.g. payment of card subscription fee, reprinting of the PIN etc; (g) transactions involving the payment of taxes and fees for government services (including postal fees) and utility bills payments.

    6. The draw for the prize will take place on 18 September 2024, unless otherwise announced by the Bank.

    7. The person drawn must correctly answer one question that will be submitted to him/her in order that he/she can pick up the prize.

    8. If the winner accepts the prize, he or she must consent to having their name and their town of residence published in advertising activities related to the campaign, in the mass media and on social media. Advertising activities may include photographic and/or video material, in addition to the winner's name and town of residence. If the winner does not consent, the Bank reserves the right to deny handing over the prize.

    9. Bank of Cyprus will alert the winner of the draw by phone or email. If the winner is unable to accept the prize, or if he/she is disqualified according to the terms of this campaign, or does not pick up the prize due to cancellation of his/her entry, or due to failure to verify the validity of his/her entry, or due to the winner not signing the statement of acceptance of the prize in accordance with these conditions, or due to his/her exclusion from the campaign, or if it was not possible to contact the winner and confirm definitive receipt of the prize by 12pm on 20 September 2024, the prize will be awarded to the runner-up per the draw order.

    10. Eligible to participate in the campaign are all Holders who are at least 18 years of age at the time of participating.

    11. If the Bank of Cyprus Visa card Holder terminates the account associated with his/her card, he/she can still be entered in the draw for the transactions occurring prior to the date of termination of the aforesaid account.

    12. The Bank may at its discretion disqualify any entry and bar any person from further participating in the draw if that person in any way interferes with the participation processes, or interferes with the smooth running of the draw, or acts in breach of these Terms & Conditions.

    13. The Bank reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions at any time, having duly alerted the Holders.

    14. Ineligible to participate in the campaign are Cards connected to an account in a currency other than the euro.

    15. When so requested by Bank of Cyprus, the winner must submit original copies of his/her identity card. The Bank must be satisfied with this documentation prior to handing over the prize.

    16. Without prejudice to paragraph 1 above, the Gift may not be exchanged for cash or for any other prize or gift.

    17. If for any reason any part of the campaign or the draw cannot proceed as planned due to, among others, a computer virus, no internet connection, unlawful interference, fraud, technical malfunction or other cause that taints or undermines the security, integrity or the smooth running of the campaign or the draw, Bank of Cyprus may at its sole discretion cancel, terminate, amend or suspend the campaign or the draw, or cancel any of the affected entries.

    18. Any expenses, fees or taxes not explicitly cited in these terms and conditions or in the prize description provided by the Bank and which may arise from accepting, holding or using any prize, are the sole responsibility of the winner.

    19. The Bank makes no representations or warranties, nor does it provide any guarantees in relation to any goods or services of any merchant participating in the 'antamivi' scheme, nor does it endorse any such goods or services.

    20. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Bank bears no liability for any loss or damage suffered by any person or property and that may arise, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, from acceptance of the prize.

    21. Moreover, by participating in the draw, entrants guarantee and affirm that all the statements and personal data they submit are true, complete and accurate, and that they have read and understood these terms and conditions and agree to be fully and unreservedly bound by the same.

    22. These Terms & Conditions are governed by the laws of the Republic of Cyprus.