Promoting Sustainability through a Sustainable Finance Framework

Bank of Cyprus, having as its strategic priority to assist in the efforts of transitioning the country to a more sustainable operating model, announces the establishment of its Sustainable Finance Framework. 

The Framework will allow the Bank to issue Green, Social and Sustainable Bonds. The proceeds from issuance of such bonds will be used by the Bank to finance sustainable projects. 

Such projects will include: 

- Renewable Energy

- Energy Efficiency

- Clean Transportation

- Green Buildings

- Access to Essential Services – Healthcare

- Employment Generation and SME Financing 

The Framework creates a link between the bank’s ESG strategy and its funding strategy and aims to provide international and local investors with more opportunities to invest in sustainable developments in Cyprus. 

The Framework is supported by a second party opinion delivered by Moody’s assessing compliance of the Framework with the Green, Social and Sustainability Bond Principles as published by the International Capital Market Association (“ICMA”).